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One donation, twice the impact
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The Citizens Foundation (UK) is proud to have been selected once again to take part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge – the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign which helps UK-registered charities raise funds for their projects.

Last year, your support helped us raise £40,000 to help support the full running costs of three TCFs schools! This covered the costs of school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, school furniture and salaries of local women to run TCF schools.

This year, we’re setting our sights higher to raise £45,000 to support TCF’s newest project – adopting some of the worst Government Schools in Punjab to improve enrolment of children and the quality of education. This is part of our goal to reach even more children and tackle the education emergency in the country on the largest scale possible. Your life-changing support will help some of Pakistan’s poorest children gain access to an education which they may otherwise have missed out.

How does the Christmas Challenge work?

For one week only between 12pm on Tuesday 28th November – 12pm Tuesday 5th December 2017 all donations made to TCF-UK through The Big Give website will be matched pound for pound. We aim to raise £22,500 within this week-long campaign (which will be matched to help us reach our overall target of £45,000).

Get your friends, family and colleagues together to help raise funds to get children in Pakistan off the streets and into classrooms to gain the education they deserve!

For any queries or to be sent a reminder once the campaign goes live, please contact Zaynab Hasan at zaynab.hasan@tcf-uk.org or call on 020 3585 3011.